Published May 28th 2024

Beat the Sedentary Lifestyle With Hula Hoop

Class Guidelines

Kindly adhere to the following guidelines to ensure a smooth and productive experience. Kindly read all points carefully

Attendance & Scheduling

  1. The meeting link remains constant for each session. Should there be any schedule changes, we will inform you proactively. While we send WhatsApp reminders to Indian numbers, please set up your own reminders to ensure you do not miss any classes and do not solely rely on Hoopstar's reminders.

  2. Please note that we do not provide recordings of the sessions. We encourage students to attend the classes in real-time to actively participate and make the most of the learning experience.

  3. We kindly request that you ensure regular attendance to the assigned classes, as batch changes may not be possible due to limited availability and scheduling constraints.

  4. If there is a holiday, we will notify you; otherwise, please join the session as scheduled.

  5. If you miss a class due to a genuine reason, please note that compensation classes (max 2 sessions) are kindly scheduled after the current batch concludes, with the same teacher. The timing of these classes is subject to the availability of the teacher’s next batch. We would like you to understand that compensation is limited and not always guaranteed. These compensations are a courtesy extended by our company and are not an obligation.

Parental Involvement and Feedback

  1. We respectfully suggest that parents refrain from being present during the class, unless specifically requested by our instructors. Rest assured, our skilled instructors will provide a safe learning environment for your child.

  2. Should you have any feedback or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Ms. Pooja at +91-9209336749 at your convenience.

Preparation & Equipment

  1. We kindly ask that you arrange for an appropriately sized hoop before the first class. If you have any questions regarding hoop sizes, please feel free to contact Ms. Pooja at +91-9209336749.

  2. Please ensure that your child wears a suitable outfit for the class (avoid skirts and frocks, or any attire that may cause distractions while hooping).

  3. Please ensure that there is enough space around your child for them to practice hooping without the risk of bumping into objects or other individuals.

Technology and Online Setup

  1. To enhance the overall learning experience, we recommend using a device with a larger screen size.

  2. We suggest creating a Gmail account for your child so their name appears when joining the class. While this is recommended, it is not mandatory.

  3. Please ensure that your child joins the class from a quiet, well-lit space with minimal distractions to maintain focus during the session.

  4. Kindly ensure that your child's device is fully charged or connected to a power source to avoid interruptions during the class.

  5. We recommend using a stable, high-speed internet connection for an uninterrupted video and audio experience.

Etiquette and Participation

  1. Encourage your child to actively participate in discussions, ask questions, and engage with the instructor and their peers for a more enriching experience.

  2. To maintain a positive learning environment, we request that all participants display respect and courtesy towards the instructor and their fellow classmates at all times.

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We look forward to a delightful hooping experience with you!