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Hoopstar Academy Levels

Embark on Your Hula Hooping Journey

At Hoopstar Academy, we offer a comprehensive range of classes designed to cater to every skill level, from beginners to hoopstars. Each level is meticulously crafted to ensure progressive learning and enjoyment. Discover the level that’s right for you and start your journey towards hula hooping mastery!

L1: Beginner

Discover the Joy and Basics of Hula

Your journey starts here. Our beginner level is the perfect introduction to the world of hula hooping. You’ll learn the foundational techniques and begin to understand the rhythm and flow of the hoop.

  • Key Focus: Basic hooping skills, rhythm, and coordination.
  • Explore Beginner Techniques: Embrace the basics and set the stage for your hula hooping journey.

L2: Intermediate

Building on Fundamentals

In the intermediate level, you’ll build upon the basics. This level is all about adding flair and complexity to your moves, enhancing your coordination, and increasing your confidence with the hoop.

  • Key Focus: Improved coordination, introduction to complex moves, and building flair.
  • Dive into Intermediate Skills: Expand your repertoire and start to develop your unique style.

L3: Advanced

Master Intricate Techniques

The advanced level is designed for those who are ready to sharpen their precision and elevate their performance artistry. Here, you’ll master intricate techniques and begin to explore the more creative aspects of hula hooping.

  • Key Focus: Precision, advanced techniques, and artistic expression.
  • Uncover Advanced Mastery: Refine your skills and start to express your artistic vision through the hoop.

L4: Pro

Professional-Level Expertise

As you enter the pro level, you’ll be honing your skills to achieve professional-grade expertise. This level is about performing with grace, style, and impeccable technique, preparing you for performances and competitions.

  • Key Focus: Graceful performance, style development, and technical perfection.
  • Journey to Pro Excellence: Perfect your technique and prepare to wow audiences with your skill and style.

L5: Hoopstar

The Pinnacle of Mastery

The Hoopstar level is the culmination of your journey. This is where you embody perfection, creativity, and unparalleled skill. At this level, you are not just performing hula hooping; you are living it, with each movement reflecting your mastery and passion.

  • Key Focus: Perfection in technique, creativity, and unique personal expression.
  • Discover the Hoopstar Difference: Showcase your unparalleled skills and creativity, setting new standards in hula hooping.